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We are dedicated to spreading awareness about the benefits of the cannabis plant.

Susan Soares, the Executive Director, and her amazing Board executes this mission through events, social media, authoring articles and recently a children’s book, and informally lobbying elected officials. 

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a 501 (C)(3) Organization

We rely on your generous donations to support our nonprofit news. Consider making a donation today. 

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The State of Cannabis News Hour


A one hour news program that covers the leading headlines in cannabis across the world every weekday!


Where industry leaders, regulators, and lovers of cannabis gather collectively to move policy forward in an inclusive and sustainable way.  Professionals and canna-curious alike can tune in to hear leading cannabis experts share and discuss headlines, critical industry issues, social topics, and more…


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Join us and 31K Members on Clubhouse EVERY weekday at 9 AM PST

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