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Susan Soares, CEO

My name is Susan Soares. I came to love cannabis when I was 33 years old. I had suffered a concussion while serving as the Young Women’s President in the Mormon church. It left me with a migraine that lasted 2 years long. Western medicine couldn’t find a way to help me.


I gardened with my neighbor and she had a cannabis plant growing in her garden. When I asked her what it was, she told me that it was marijuana and that it could probably help me. In my mind, she may as well have been offering me heroin. But I was desperate and struggling as a single mother of 3 to be able to have the will to live. I started consuming cannabis and after a few weeks, my migraine was gone, never to return. Not only did it fix my health, but it also fixed my mind and opened me to new ways of thinking. I vowed to myself that when my children were raised, I would dedicate my life to helping people that thought the way I did about cannabis change their minds.

I am a long time cannabis activist. I worked on Prop. 19, The Repeal Cannabis Prohibition Act, and served as Chair of Fundraising for Reform California. I volunteered for ASA, MPP, DPA, CA NORML, and GLACA. I formed the 501 (C)(3), C.A.R.E. in 2013 whose mission is to create awareness of the benefits of the cannabis plant. I have been producing The State of Cannabis and Green Oasis for 8 years. 

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