The State of Cannabis NewsHour Correspondents

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Adelia Carrillo: CMO of EventHi - an online marketplace for cannabis events & Advisor of International Cannabis Business Women Association

Ben Gelt: Serial Entrepreneur & Cannabis Certification Council chairman

Brandon Dorsky: CEO @ Fruit Slabs; Cannabis and Intellectual Property Attorney in California

Brian Applegarth: Founder, Cannabis Travel Association

Chris Eggers: Cannabis Security Consultant, CC Security Solutions

Christopher Smith: Communications Strategist & Publisher of the American Cannabis Report

D Sugar Kopplin-Easley: Industry Chef, Consultant & Advocate, and Co-Chairman LARRP EDU Committee

Dana Cisneros: California Corporate, Real Estate and Licensing Attorney and Founder at Cannabis Corporate Law Firm

Eric Hiss-Loreda: Industry Writer & Brand Consultant

Gretchen Gailey: Washington insider and founder of Panoptic Strategies

Guy Rocourt: Co-founder and president of Papa and Barkley

Jason Beck: Longest Continuous Retailer of Cannabis in the US

Dr. Kaya: founder of 40 Acres And A Dispensary, utilizes the cannabis industry to bring reparations to HER people and utilizes the cannabis plant to bring holistic health to ALL people.

Karen Rappaport McHugh: Event Producer & Content Creator and Connector for the Canna-curious

Lara DeCaro: co-founder of International Cannabis Bar Association

Liz Rogan: Founder of Cannabis Business Council of Santa Barbara County, ED of the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine

Mark Passerini: Om of Medicine Founder & EVP @ 4Front

Nancy Birnbaum: Founding Publisher Sensi Mag NorCal & Cannabis Mentor at Founder Institute

Nichole West: Cannabis Business Specialist 

Priscilla Agoncillo: Writer on the Oklahoma Legislation Committee for decriminalizing Psychedelics & CEO of Award-Winning Cannabis Company- Original Breeders League  

Rico Lamitte: Founder of Canivision and a Dope Dad 

Shalina Kaur Pannu cannabis & psychedelic attorney and founder of shall we toke

Shaun Salvaje: Retired combat journalist and a leadership & mindset coach in the cannabis industry

Stone Slade: Host and co-creator of new show "Hittin the High Road with Stone Slade and Sensi Mag

Susan Soares: Founder of the state of cannabis conference and newshour, children’s book author, and Cannabis’ favorite Grandma defending the plant one joint at a time.

Victoria Litman: Graduate tax scholar at Georgetown Law focusing on Cannabis and Psychedelics

Yvonne Brown Executive Director, Cannabis Travel Association


The State of Cannabis News Hour.


A one hour news program that covers the leading headlines in cannabis across the world every weekday!


Where industry leaders, regulators, and lovers of cannabis gather collectively to move policy forward in an inclusive and sustainable way.  Professionals and canna-curious alike can tune in to hear leading cannabis experts share and discuss headlines, critical industry issues, social topics, and more…


Cannabis News by the People Who Make It.

Join us on Clubhouse EVERY weekday at 9 AM PST

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A Statement from our Founder, Susan Soares


I got into Clubhouse at the end of 2020. I was fortunate enough to run into some important folks on the platform because there were so few people on it at the time. I went all in and developed not only a good following but a deep understanding of how to use Clubhouse and why it’s the best home for cannabis.


I started my show “The State of Cannabis NewsHour” on 4.20.2021. I got a bunch of industry experts on a Zoom call on April 15, 2021, and sold them on my vision. I don’t think any of us were journalists at the time or even paid public speakers. But because of my countless hours of research on Clubhouse and the relationships that I was able to form there, almost everyone on the Zoom agreed to work towards my vision. I was not sure if I could keep all of these industry notables engaged, motivated, and interested in coalescing into a team of cannabis correspondents, but we were off to a good start!


We stumbled along our way but everyone seemed to start getting it and getting more comfortable with their roles. We had a team-building meeting at the end of the first quarter and asked everyone to step up their game. We made a few adjustments to the schedule and as a whole became more solid. Yay! SOCNH 2.0 here we go!


Today we get a daily attendance of around 125 industry leaders that have begun to rely on us for their cannabis news. We are saving them many hours of combing through newsletters and Google alerts. What’s more, is they are broadcasting our show in their offices to keep their employees up to date (and entertained).